"The true test of a great suit is time...
    If the suit can be worn year after year
    and continue to look fresh and make
    the man look and feel great, than I
    have done my job".

C A R O L Y N   K I N G

For more than 20 years Carolyn's reputation and distinctive image has been consistently referred
to as the Custom Clothier and Private Fashion Consultant with impeccable style and taste.
Her experience in merchandising and design, textile design and sales in the luxury market has
made her one of the most sought after clothiers in New York; outfitting leaders in business,
entertainment and media.

Carolyn incorporates her passion for interior decoration with her clothing design aesthetics to create
classic, elegant clothing with modern twists in fit, design and details.   

There is no doubt that the suits and shirts Beaux designs are absolutely the finest garments a man can
buy, but it is the experience of being a client that is the real reason so many men choose Carolyn King.